Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Avengers Screencaps Special

Really I can't feature a weeks worth of Spy Girl related posts and not feature The Avengers and this post also serves as a good bridge for my next themed week.
First off I'll feature a few caps from the first season of the show only 2 and a half episodes survived sadly (perhaps one day the other episodes will be uncovered .. I really hope so) These screencaps come from 1961 , so way before Cathy Gale and Emma Peel,. Steeds partner in Crimebusting was Dr  David Keel .. the girl in this scene is about to be kidnapped when she applys for a job at a Russian Circus
The episode is  entitled "Girl on a Trapeze"
A very early episode , not a main character perhaps the makers of the show liked the way leather looked on the screen whilst worn by a woman perhaps that's how Mrs Gales dress sense came about.
Next up a real rarity , although rather crudely scanned by me from an episode aired only once  in April 1961  some telesnaps  from "One from the Mortuary"
Scan comes from the booklet that came with DVD boxset pity they printed these telesnaps so small still it is good that least a few images survived .. like I said earlier perhaps one day someone will find these in a archive somewhere ... the girl looks like a proto Emma Peel  (except Swiss)
Another leather coated European beauty  (German this time around)The Hitwoman Hilda Stern who appeared in  a early Cathy Gale episode "Intercrime" I thought she's a great nemesis for Cathy Gale if I do actually one day write and illustrate an Avengers comic I'll ressurect her character .
Finally images from a Venus Smith episode "The Man in the Mirror" of Iris who I'm not quite sure if she's Steeds informant or a hooker , the early episodes especially The David Keel were rooted in the London underworld . The Avengers could of been a very different show indeed  if Keel stayed on.
If you are familiar with my old blog you'll know I love The Avengers by the amount of posts I featured on them (and I'm sure I'll feature them again at some point in time) my interest has been regenerated as it's the 50th anniversary and the release of the box sets which you can read all about  here http://declassified.theavengers.tv/avengernews_main.htm


  1. Wow, dvd box set. That looks like gold for the hardcore Avengers fans.

  2. It's pretty good lots of extra features, interviews , scripts behind the scenes photos even comics and about 4 hours of extra features , I'll do a post about the season 3 boxset when I get it.


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