Thursday, 2 November 2017

"Action Woman"-Post 40

Selina Kyle(Camren Bicondova) aka Cat -perhaps The Catwoman by the end of Gotham season 4 -finally got around to binge watching all three seasons on Netflix-a must see if you like Batman -but this post will feature a few of the actresses and outfits on show .,,starting with Camren who's doing a great job as Selina  here's a clip from season 4 also featuring Tabitha who'll I'll feature in a sec .

When you think of the Bat and the Cat you tend to think of them in there 30's or 40's rather than there teenhood -but it makes perfect sense that these characters formative years are explored -you don't just decide to dress up as flying rodent and fight bad guys overnight - show could carry on for years
The original Cat Jacket from season 1 & 2 which wee Bruce mended after a fight , but after things turned sour she chucked it on the street , so they share a on off relationship which is very true with the Cat & the Bat even when they were kids,
One of my fave episodes .. where Cat breaks into Arkham Asylum and finds Hugo Strange acting Strange.
Barbara Kean -possibly Gordon later on (as in the comics that's Jim's wife -but she's on a criminal path right now, I blame that Ogre fiend .. but it's more fun to play a villain Oprea gloves -usually a sign a characters turning bad lol)At some point she'll be back in Jim's good books -but no hurry..
Catfight beetween Tabitha and Barbs ..(they used to be the best of pals)
I'll have to feature a second Gotham post somewhere down the line as they're many more characters - but tonight's episode should be good as Cat , Barbara and Tabitha all work as a team plus it's taking me ages to complete this post as internet keeps cutting out - but really have to feature Tabitha Galavan (Jessica Lucas)very much Cat's mentor especially with a whip and she too has a fine collection of leathers

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