Sunday, 17 November 2019

"She Lives in a Time of her Own"-Post 22

Michelle Pfifffer 1990-In all liklihood I've posted these pics before but it's in honor of the man who took these Terry O'Neill  so todays post  will focus on his images as we've lost another great .

Britt Ekland and Lord Snowdown

Very 60's this one Raquel Welch

Winonna Ryder late 80's I imagine
Jene Shrimpton 1973
 Cindy Crawford 1990
Naomi Campbell
Faye Dunnaway
Jacquline Bisset

So 60's it hurts -from a promo film entitled  "The Touchables" not sure if it still exists-best to hear from the great man himself

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

"Sunglasses After Dark "Post 66


New Sunglasses Post-I hope you like new Header Image featuring Debbie Leema.

Sunday, 3 November 2019

Atom Cats Rule-Post 1

New Occasssional feature here - featuring screenshots from  various playthroughs of Fallout 4  and my crack squad of Atom Kittens (who needs The Minutemen  or the Brotherhood of Steel ?when my crew can kick everyones Mutated ass and look Immaculate doing it lol)
Star Wars meets Catherine Denuvure
Marcy Long rocking the Midnight Blue Jacket (You'll find most of these mods on Nexus Mods -actually put her to good use doesn't complain  now since  I recruited her - now she can get payback on Raider Scum .
Even recruited Kasumi from Far Harbor although changed her hair  and look so she's almost unrecognisable here
Also gave Scarlett from  The Dugout Inn a serious makeover  more like Nancy Sinatra now

Irma from The Memory Den with some serious Clone Wars era firepower
Original  Atom Cat herself  Rowdy -haven't got around to recruiting her yet (although last time I tried to change her hair she totally disappeared  never to be seen again-although Roxy worked fine as a gang member)
With Anne Hargreaves from Dressmaker to Widowmaker

Guess you kiss everday life goodbye once you get into playing all these modded games -I'll work out which  pic I'll use for Novembers header here in a few hours.

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