Sunday, 15 September 2013

"None More Black"

Just a quick news update- if you're wondering where this blog vanished too for a few day's it's a long story which I won't go into much detail - lets just say I  threw a bit of a strop and decided to closedown a few things in the blogverse , I have no appetite for arguing  so I'm walking away  and going to have a re-think  this will be a penultimate post here until I've come up with a plan for something that might work in the future,I get allot of visitors on this and the original blog and I don't take that for granted .. but I don't want to cheese anyone off either - that's never my intention - (more of a case of  plugging peoples talent-rather than put anyone down) so I'll take a break for the moment until I make an announcement about future plans.  I almost pressed the doomsday button the other day on the original blog but Leathergloves stepped in the way(regular visitors to this blog know I would do it.. as I've vaporized a fair chunk of this blog before)so thank him for stopping me from doing something that   I may of regretted later on .. although in a way I wanted to make a point by halting everything(I'd rather blog ended by my hand rather than others)I'll post something here and keep 'Gloves updated about any new projects that may or may not happen.

Monday, 9 September 2013

In Honor of Cathy

New header for blog featuring the original Action Woman Cathy Gale-which reminds me must get on with that script- fanfiction Fifty years too late lol.

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