Monday, 27 November 2017

"Sunglasses After Dark"-Post 49

No doubt next two bloggers will feature on best of 2017" Looking at You" post on the other blog 
4 Awesome Vinyl coat--glad thats all the rage at the mo
Another Debo pic -guess this a screencap of "Detroit 442"  tv performance
Even cooler than Lou Reeds shades when he was in the Velvets?
From very awesome Tumblr  page
Mines in a bit of a mess at the moment settings are kind of confusing and I've been there two years lol 
Another Flickr fave from
Next time I get to this post it'll be double sized in content so December will be busy month fingers crossed.

Friday, 24 November 2017

T-Time -Post 3

2 Awesome look from Kim guess that's her dog on lead -latest post is also great
5- more stripes-from the beautiful Pam
Fave Goff Olivia -
Total Legend Alert.
Made use of "Black Friday" by buying a mouse lol (blog will start looking like it' meant to again soon) -such a term didn't exist just a few years ago strangely ironic that it follows Thanksgiving in the States.. Black Coffee Friday really 4me -but here's some T's
Hope you like new headers and background-which is a Drapes Jacket from Cry Baby -could be Johnny's could be Traci's could be Hatchet Faces.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

"Gimmee Indie Rock!"-Post 5

PINS ..Kinda Morrison Hotelesque this one..something different today amature footage from yours truly -sloppy drunk crap camera warts and all still some of its good the music certainly is ...
It's a shame I can't embed I'll try to link my channel instead as there are about six PINS songs and two Madonnatron numbers  maybe I'll embed once the mouse has landed .
Updated 25/11/17- Mouse has landed
  Aboves  a proper picture of Madonnatron stuff is screencaps not HQ coz of camera ..but still cool .in there own way.

Another  proper photo.

Going back to art college is strange- been a while- reminded me when I was 16 . Had to drag myself out of my cave for this though.. I've dug PINS since 2011 featured them here and on main blog a fair bit over the last few years. went a bit sideways here-starts off alright -but  I think camera wanted to dance lol The second vids new single  - made use of Youtube editing tools should of stayed in landscape format really -sooner they develop hat cams for civilians the better lol.would be handy for gigs.

A Couple more screencaps from PINS -kept titling camera I should learn how to use that thing -was aiming for Raw Power 2
"Day Trip to the Other Side"Faiths a good frontwoman -looks cool -and is cool -band work really well as a unit great things ahead for them I reckon.
Like this one another Stomper -camera goes haywire midway lol-but it's about the sound really--
More on my Flickr page probably add some more later
Hoping that works -PINS kinda like cool nieces who listen to the Velvets & The Fall. Making a new Trooperlooza playlist  deffo on that line up.-

Monday, 20 November 2017

"She Lives In A Time of Her Own"-Post 18

Been thinking much about Sharon today.

Sharon & the Cure a good Mix

Byrds eh? https//

Fab & Groovy.https//

Better to remember the Innocent rather than the Guilty.

Been a while computer probs fully documented on original blog -couldn't post here till things got sorted as well as other crisis not related to computers- but up and running again .Fecking links -I'll sort those later :( need a mouse  -fingerpads are for chumps.

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