Friday, 30 December 2011

Best of 2011-Various Models part 2

More images of models I've featured on this blog in polls which I didn't feature at the time , a year where I had to close my old blog (I could of featured a few pics from original blog seeing as that was going for at least 8 monthes .. but figured that would be too backward looking ,the two blogs are two separate animals and it's time to move on with this one.. still the original blog is still out there thanks to Leathergloves help So it will be around for you all to visit for years to come.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Leather Beauty Poll 62-Masha

 Here  I guess the final poll for 2011.. results late tomorrow.

Leather Beauty Poll 62-Sabina and Aleksandra

Leather Beauty Poll 62-Ann

Leather Beauty Poll 62-Ana

Screencaps Post 76-Charlies Angels Pilot Episode

Ok I'm back from Christmas break .. hope you all had a great Christmas... I'll see if  I can make up for the gap in posts in the next few days
Thought I'd feature screencaps from a show that inadvertently created this blog and the original Leather Beauty Blog (if  I didn't see Jacyln Smith every week shaking her hair out of a motorcycle helmet in the title sequence of this show I may of not of had such a strong fondness for women in leather.. without a doubt my  first  pre-school crush..swiftly followed by Sandy out of Grease(but only at end of film lol) and Ms Testmarker in Superman  ) I hear there's a new version of this show , maybe I'll check it out to see if it can match the original(somehow  I doubt it  though , you can't beat the Marshall Ward catalog chic of the original 70's show)

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