Saturday, 30 November 2013


You'll catch a very brief clip from a 1968 movie Le Pacha in my latest playlist(I haven't seen the movie as of yet-but I am familiar with Gainsbourg's very funky sitar beat soundtrack)the female lead wears a rather nice coat in this movie too so thought I'd do some research on Dany Carrel and post a few pics of her, nice to see a woman of Asian origin in big roles as far back as the mid 1950's I can't take old films seriously if the actress or actor is playing a role which isn't their racial origin-Ava Gardner springs to mind as does Charlton Heston in a Touch of Evil or Yul Brenner in The King and I (although he doesn't do a bad job)I'll have to track Le Pacha down if there's a subtitled version .

Le Playlist

A typically French Playlist this time around-featuring not just music but a few selected clips and trailers from various movies.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Newer Playlist

Mutant Monster
Kinoco Hotel. Bringing things up to date with a more contemporary playlist(but with some retro it's cool)25 acts from around the world although I feature more Japanese stuff as it's performed with such gusto!

50 Years ago...

Edited clips from Episode originally broadcast the day after JFK was shot where Cathy Gale rocks an eye-patch ,all part of an elaborate disguise.. strange days indeed .. I think Beatles were only just starting to make an impact around this time too "With the Beatles" been released 50 years to this day too.


Some very early examples of my ham fisted attempts at mixing photo manipulation and comics - I guess from over ten years ago when computers and internet were very new to me... the outfit and poses came from J-Grace,(now Dominatricis websites)which in a way was a godsend as I had this character a hitwoman badass type and that site was perfect source of reference- not quite sure who the heads belong too I think I tried to alter them as much as possible .. in fact I think the first two pics were actully before I even used photoshop (hence rain effect) third pic features some very crappy typeface indeed- although I do like the Zombie Bride and Groom -but really I had no idea how to make these pictures work.. final pic is my first attempt at doing a story using photo manipulation- really it's far too technical for me - I think I understand and enjoy painting more - but an interesting experiment, there's some really fantastic manipulators out there- but I see this as my revenge on all those drossy photo romance comic strips that my sisters would read in the early 80's -perhaps mix medias the way ahead.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

New Playlist

New Playlist-the temptation to come back to regular blogging is strong-but for now I think I'll just post a few things at a time, rather than going overboard (I really have to spend more time on creative projects)but hope you will find something you like amongst this playlist

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Source List
I'm slowly winding down this blog but thought I'd share with you my visitors the many various sources I've used over the years to bring this and the original Leather Beauty blog about- firstly the most obvious source- where I found the image that  hovers over this post at
The first few posts I featured on original blog way back in 2007 I think it was came from a great German model and photographer portal as well as
Closer to home(the UK) another good source for images for models came from and
I've featured many Russian and Ukrainian beauties on these blogs too many of the photos originate from either or
For the many photos I've featured from Poland my main source was
whilst for France I relied upon
Sweden Spain and for America and the rest of the world many pics were found at
There were plenty of of other sources but these are the main ones.
I'll be discontinuing my regular posts here , but if you miss the type of pics I featured here you now have the many start off points -I  just don't feel like getting back into the blogging routine which took over much of my time  -I think it's time for me to move on with my own pursuits .Not sure if this will be last post here though , If I hear and see any cool bands that fit this blogs theme I'll construct a playlist or something-whilst I run into trouble featuring pictures here music seems fine .. maybe I'll do a post closer to Christmas.

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