Friday, 30 September 2011

Leather Beauty Poll 26-The Winner

Winner of my first all Swedish poll Georgia .. new poll sometime over the weekend .. here's the results.
Leather Beauty Poll 26
  10 (22%)
  28 (63%)
  16 (36%)
  15 (34%)

Votes so far: 44
Poll closed

Leather Beauty Poll 26-In Second Place


Leather Beauty Poll 26-In Third Place


Leather Beauty Poll 26- In Fourth Place

Aviatrix Post 2

Here's some images of some Ladies we can all  truly look up to .. from the top downwards Amy Johnson first two photos, a painting of Bessie Coleman,, Jean Batten, an Illustration of Harriet Quimby , and Amelia  Earheart.

Screencaps Post 44-Zeppelin

Elke Sommer in Zeppelin a film  I featured a few times on the old blog , first time  I've got around to doing any screencaps from it.. My mate has a genuine world war 1 pilots jacket  I'm most envious .

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