Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Action Woman-Post 33

Been eating sleeping dreaming Star Wars lately   (I'm writing  the first  part of a  "Credits Trilogy"-or rather a Galactic Western -first draft of chapter 1 is here-    
First up is Mara Jade who is now considered non canon -kind of a pity as she's a great character been re-reading "By The Emperors Hand" and more than likely move  onto the Zahn trilogy after that , but think the fact that the EU has been discarded  is no bad thing means Chewies alive and kicking  and  truer to the Jedi code as it's very monk like existance -doubt Luke  would get married -that's where Anakin went wrong but  I reckon Rey's Kenobi's granddaughter there'sa  line  in The Force Awakens  that reminded me of old Ben  so there could be a "Obi Wan  the Hermit Years" in the works starring  Ewan - my script is set  towards the end of that time.

Sintas Vel and her Daughter (Boba's sprog) turn up in my  script - vid featuring  her appearence in various comics before the Disney takeover -I still think it's plausable to feature those characters -perhaps there seperation leads to Fett been more ruthless although everything post Sarlacc didn't happen

Boushh at home lol -although doubt he  looks so nice without the mask -rather a nasty little man  the way I've written him. I  look forward to explore his character more  in the second part of story
Extract from "Boba Fett is Dead" Teychenne is also in supporting cast -thought it was a cool idea that Fett has a agent working for him(she knows too much about his past) also  she's a Zeltron totally different personality to Dani here
From early 80's Dani was a fantastic character a bit of a  Rogue  with a mad crush on Luke (some Jedi's have all the luck)..talking of Rogues..
Wonder if Jyn will survive the  Death Star -perhaps even become a Imperial agent by the end of the movie(like Shira Brie another character from 80's comics) December is still ages away but really looking forward to see this movie.. perhaps it's Shira's story but in reverse..

The story of Shira/Lumiya was one of the highlights of the original Marvel series sure -it echoed Vader but I didn't mind as story was so well executed -plus she had a really cool laserwhip.

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