Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Action Woman -Post 35

I'm sorry  for not posting for a while but had pc problems lately -needed a rest to -now addicted to Fallout4 as this post testifies -really good stuff- so much to do -2 iconic characters from the game (wanted to feature Curie too but youtubes been a ass) starting with Piper -most obvious choice for this blog  with her big red trenchcoat -(I'm about level 30  now so hope she's not from institute or a synth or anything ) she's a real cutie -but I have my suspicions (seems to be a retelling of War of Indepence but in a post nuclear war world -where rock n roll seemed to be snuffed out too in it's infancy) but the give away is the red coat (which is the colour the Brits wore whilst fighting the Americans) I could be totally wrong -much more of the story to go -hopefully my suspicions are wrong )
A few cosplay Pipers...

What can be more fun than taking out Robots/Zombies //Mutants/ Gunners and Raider Scum (almost feel sorry for these guys now-almost )  with a Jet powered Sledgehammer -most fond of the greaser girl  look  thats how I deck out my crack squad although not the best protection as Lucas a merchant in the game states"Pretty Don't stop Bullets" but I dunno prefer greaser to raider gear on the female characters at least as everyone seems to wear the same grubby shirt as oppossed to a t-shirt which looks better  -Still searching for Atom Cats gear hope that's soon in the story more leather in this game than both my blogs put together lol -even if it's pixalated
Youtubes been fecking weird -can't embed videos (this is a major drag as that's the reason for the delay of this post ) it may be this new computer or it may be me-but it may mean I can't make vid playlists anymore either :(
 Caits outfit reminds me of the Warriors she has some of the best lines in gaming history lol -  she's  had a shite life up to your character meets her in game -the very definition of fighting Irish - another thing I love about game is that it's set in Boston -even after nuclear fallout seems like I'd feel more at home there than in Blighty .. maybe one day visit.. has a rich history I'll have to investigate lots of references to Hagen which is almost my surname so have to find out more about the city .

Juries still out on Brotherhood of Steel -I love the balloon and the music in those scenes(very John Barry) but they strike me as fascists -overpowered too     have to get Maxsons Battlecoat at some stage in game -but right now gotta keep them on side -lots of fascinating elements to this game a big improvement on the third game which I gave up on as I couldn't get used to to the aiming system  and the fact the dialouge scenes were all written rather than spoken which struck me as old in comparrison to other games of that time but after finnishing this one may go back to it - do wish videos worked may come back and update this post once vids are embeddable again ... for now I'll link my youtube channel seeing as things are all Pete Tong -mainly game footage (kinda fun coming up with these Fallout battles not really for the faint hearted -very violent all though it's cartoon violence really) also handy if you want to see all those video playlists i've made over the years-

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