Saturday, 10 August 2013

Leather Beauty/Venustas Poll-The Results

The Winner-Ms Nao
In second Place -Ms Tohka
In Third Place Ms Aqua.
In Fourth Place-Ms Sakuya
All images in this post copyright Himmel I must say thank you to them to allow me to post this poll.
 As you can see there's a new header for this blog -I'll leave it up for a month .
Not quite sure just yet what I'll do with this blog - the original blog seems to be more popular but I think  I can feature a few posts here too now and again.
For much more pictures like the ones above
there are  two other dominatricis sites that focus on smoking and bdsm (which isn't my cup of tea) but the models and clothes are beguiling as you can see.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Leather Beauty 2/Venustas Poll

Image 1: Ms Sakura
Image 2:Ms Tohka
Image 3: Ms Nao
Image 4:Ms Aqua.

The eagle eyed of you may of noticed  theirs  been a slight alteration with this blogs header, this is thanks to Venustas who sent me amended version of the picture of Ms Tohka I've been using as a title for the last few monthes . I wanted to feature a new poll here and connect it to one of my favourite websites
I'll leave this poll up for a week  as  I know this blog isn't as active as it was about a year ago.

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