Thursday, 18 August 2016

"Street Tassle" Post 6

One of my fave lookbookers

Another awesome outfit from Masha
Another from occassional series .. may come up with some new themes for posts here-

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

"Action Woman-"Post 34

2000AD Cosplay Special  first pic has  to feature Judge Anderson as I'm currently colouring a classic story at the moment for  my  other blog(taking a while as I want it to be good  as I can get it -should complete the next few pages soon)and she's  my fave female Judge apart from..

DeMarco... glad to see  she's back in the  Dreddverse -doubt she'll ever go  back to been a Judge (although she's been helping them out a fair bit recently)

Judge Hershey
Durham Red and the Gronk ... from the forthcoming Strontium Dog fan film (really looking forward  to this looks excellent from the stills hope a trailers coming soon)
Durham looks suspiciously like Judge Anderson in Judge Minty  ...
Based on Dredd 3d outfit ...
Go on Netflix you know it would make sensefor a Dredd series... but it look s like Button Man's  happening at least -hope they stay true to the original story ..

Another of Durham Red ..
Apologies for not posting much lately been re-reading lots of  back issues of 2000ad and Megazine kind of a binge really so that's why I aint posting as much -need a wee break anyhow .

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