Tuesday, 31 December 2013


A Few Cool Flicks..Happy New Year!- (Warning!) a few of these films contain bad language , nudity and violence

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Playlist B&B Christmas Special

T'was gonna be a hairbear type playlist- but then it got better and better... got kinda nostalgic over the two hosts of this playlist

A's Post 3

New post from A-a Bolivian themed post- thanks man!

Thursday, 26 December 2013


One of the shows featured on my latest playlist is "The Lone Gun Man" -An X-Files spin off which after about a 11 years I've only just become aware of-It wasn't shown over here in UK unless it was a cable channel or something (it mostly concerns those geeky hacker guys that appear now and again the original X-Files but it also featured Zuleikha Robinson as Yves Adele Harlow who of course was the reason to feature that show on the playlist..if she's dressed like this in other episodes I'll feature that show again in a future playlist.
I hope everyone who enjoys my blogs  had a nice Christmas - I think I may restart posting on the original blog soon , although some the old features like the polls will bite the dust- the nature of posts will be more of a random thing I guess galleries like "Perfecto Day" and "Tight Pants" posts will be the order of the day- it's just that I notice much of this blogs been deleted -for example in those little "You may also like" boxes much of these have disappeared so perhaps going back the original blog is the done thing- that blog tends to get much more traffic than this one- so look out for  more news on that soon.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013


A new tv playlist I'll add mature content warning as while as this is on front page .. not that it's filth or anything just that there is some nudity rude words and violence - but at least with this selection  there there is a start,middle and end and a story .. nuff said.. UPDATE-Instead of putting a mature content sign over he whole blog I'll just give a warning before posts like I have here-(just that once you have mature-which it isn't maybe I should put up a "immature content warning" lol blog isn't picked up by search engines.. and the majority of these blog(s) are always "in the best possible taste."

Monday, 23 December 2013


Yesterday I was watching a film made back in the 1980's called"Scrubbers" kind of like Alan Clarks "Scum" except this was set in a girls borstal, I didn't catch the directors name at the start of the movie it's a hard hitting movie and at the time I thought here's no way a man would be able to direct a film like this, when I got to the end of the film I looked up who directed it to find the name Mai Zetterling a Swedish actress who starred in Torment an early Ingmar Bergman movie, she went into directing herself years later .
I also discovered that her first English speaking role was in a 1947 film called Frieda where these pictures come from, hence this post- its a pity I can't find it on Amazon as I'd certainly feature screencaps here, the film concerns a young German woman who helps a British Pilot to escape captivity,they soon marry and she returns with him to England and has to face up to the prejudices of the locals,this strikes me as a very daring and challenging  film to make so soon after the war , but films like these have to be made in order for whoever see's it to evolve. Hopefully I'll find a dvd copy at some point but right now I can only find one clip which has a song rather than dialogue and video kind of gives away what happens in story but I'll post it here anyhow.

Friday, 20 December 2013

A's Post-2- Mutant X-Wendy Stone

A's sent me some screencaps this time around from cult tv show Mutant X -I've yet to see it myself (sounds very X-Men, the title at least) but if they have any full episodes up on youtube I'll add them to the next  LBTV2  playlist especially if Agent Wendy Stone stars in them.. she seems a tough cookie that doesn't take no lip.I  must thank A for  making these screen-grabs.

Thursday, 19 December 2013


As you can see from new header and background image of  blog my latest retro-crush is Barbra Parkins- I found an old photoshop coloured  photo of her I did a few years back (not as good as I thought it was now looking at it-I would go back it if I can download a brush for photoshop 5.5-that's what I use -but it's so ancient in computer years not sure that's possible) I know I'd make her hair a little lighter and I'm not now sure why some of the colours have faded back to grey- but the originals such a cool image I decided it might make a good title header.
 The original black and white image comes from a promo for a John Huston directed spy movie  entitled The Kremlin Letter - not sure if she actually wears these clothes in the film itself-from what I've seen it doesn't look like it-but seeing as I'm writing a story all about all Cold War espionage I may have a look at the movie(I like John Huston films anyhow)
Here's a few screencaps from another movie she starred in "Puppet on a Chain"made back in 1971.also featuring a few extras and Penny Casdagli in the black mack in the last few screencaps.

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