Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Leather Beauty Poll 15-The Winner

Kierstan .. who acts as well it seems one of her screen credits is Hot Zombie sounds like my kind of movie lol
Thanks for voting ..won't leave it so late next time.
Leather Beauty Poll 15

Votes so far: 39

Poll closed

Leather Beauty Poll 15-In Second Place


Leather Beauty Poll 15-In Third Place

Karolina and..

Music Post 7-The Kills

I've featured Alison a few times on the old blog here she is again with Mr Kate Moss

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Leather Beauty Poll 15-Marta

New Poll at an unearthly hour(well for me and European visitors) no theme this time around models from all over the globe ,such locations as Ireland,Poland ,USA and The Ukraine.. results in 24 hours if I'm awake at this time tomorrow...

Leather Beauty Poll 15-Karolina

Leather Beauty Poll 15-Kiersten

Leather Beauty Poll 15-Margo

Music Post 6-The Stalingrad Cowgirls

I featured these Finnish rockers at the very start of the year on my old blog, here's some more of there music (Guess the audience in the final video are big Bob Marley fans lol)

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