Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Harry Kari

Not sure this blogs totally imploded or dead-perhaps  I can feature music posts here or vintage photos -not sure yet.. just added a few Blondie songs to my radios playlist(any excuse to feature Debbie here-hopefully Live 365 player will work on this page (as it didn't on my other blog for some reason)


  1. Cheers Andy .I wanted to find a few pics that most people may of not seen-I really love the portrait at the top (I guess it was taken around mid 80's )

  2. No way...keep fighting the good fight. How many blogs combine great music, movies and leather? Pretty sure this is it.

    Hope all is well by the way. Got the urge to start writing again and resurrected the old blog.


  3. Hi Nici .. just got back from London its been a pretty hectic weekend - I have been to your blogger blog recently , I'll link your blog in a min-maybe I'll post things here and there if It don't disrupt flow of the other blog.


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