Saturday, 27 September 2014

Sheena Is Punk Rocker-Post 7.

A special French post today starting off with the opening scene from French Punk movie Le Brune et Moi with a few clips to follow.. Lots of false starts but worth the wait.I thought the English were meant to be reserved and the french the other way around-great footage lol.
Le Lou's who perform on the last video- here's there version of The SEEDS classic-very cool.. not sure audience is real but SEEDS faked a live album too lol
Nice to see someone flying my flag for a change.

I remember featuring this group before.. no footage but photos are great as is the  total energy. Gotta hand it to the French they arrive a little late but when they arrive they arrive and stay hardcore -without the French my love for The STOOGES MC5 and the Dolls could of just ended with three or four records but thanks to a French label SKYDOG I heard all that good stuff and I got my Stooges fix before all this stuff wasn't mp3'd and hard to find in normal record shops. .

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