Monday, 14 December 2015

"Action Woman"-Post 31

3.I'll start off this Star Wars themed post with a few Mara Jades (should of stuck with the dark side-other costume isn't as cool  as  this one "red  and green should never  been seen " as the old saying goes) I guess she never even existed seeing as all canon belongs to Disney now? .. but  maybe canon don't exist  at all - it's ' our imagination. Jade was  Lukes Wife-but judging by the prequels that's not the Jedi way she was created slightly before those films came out- so whatever Lukes  up to in these new movies doubt we'll see Mara( might get a  mention of some kind -who knows??)was a a important EU character- I did like the concept of the Emperors hand ..
Some Troopers have just got it made...
Not sure these are actual characters -but she's got a "good blaster "by her side
Darth Mauls Prettier Sister? -might be a Zeltron -loved Danni from the original Marvel comics  kinda Ursula Andreas but with reddy skin .

Yeah I know it aint leather (but the design would work well if it was) -my fave Leia outfit (Leia's Slave gear is beachwear rather than a outfti  lol -Kenner/Palitoy  never  bought out that figure  not sure why?The Boussh gear rocked too.-I blame Hoth for the Ski jacket explosion of the 80's lol

A few Padme' cosplays for outfit George Lucas  designed himself - had a essence of Vader (plus she didn't go overboard  like the previous movie lol)
Imperial Pilot Cosplay -except a bit shinier than usual -nice to find the Empire were into equal oppotunities Captain Phasma  been one example and the fact that some Stormtroopers  were women too - according to new Battlefront game (who's to know  in that uniform-so it makes sense  to me)

Took awhile to get posting here again-lots  going on  the domestic front as well as the fact I haven't  got many  pictures of Cars and Girls right  now lol -but I'll postpone that post for a shor ttime till I do find more)

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