Sunday, 11 September 2016

"Gimme Indie Rock!" -Post 1

First of a new series of posts - wanted to represent newer bands -already got a punk post "Sheena is a Punk Rocker" but that really concerntrates on the  pioneers from  that era -so I needed a title that could cover more bases so  this Sebadoh tune  is an excellent choice for the title for this new feature p

Promised I'd do a post about Saint Agnes a few weeks ago ..may of posted vids before in playlists on other blogs but in case you missed them I'll post them again -Kittys got great style & can build a decent guitar  - and I love that big bluesy noirish  sound.
 pics from Wildblanket site  
I've said this b4 a great source to find out what's happening around  London ..discovered many an excellent band from Neils site.

Next up a group I featured in September playlist on the main blog.. fave newish band  sonically and aesthetically  The Flytraps- theres been a few line ups including a Death Valley Girl ..I think she's been replaced by a dude in a gimp mask lol

I'm bound to feature more vids from The Flytraps in future playlists look out for them.

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