Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Action Woman -Post 38

Haven't been posting much here recently -going all square eyed seeing as I've re-installed Netflix after an absence -catching up on all those lovely Marvel shows including Daredevil featuring Elodie Yung as the beautiful but deadly Elektra -so here's a few screencaps from season 2
There would be a time where I'd do my own screencaps but those days are gone(imagine if I screencapped Jessica Jones or Orphan Black it would take forever lol) so instead I'll link this very helpful site
Talking of Jessy J -A few images from behind the scenes of Season 2 - Kilgrave seems to be back?  or is it a flashback? or maybe there's mind control from beyond the grave? -would like to see some new baddies too -Typhoid Mary perhaps?  I can't wait till 2018-as they'll be more JJ more Luke Cage, Punisher and Daredevil (haven't seen Iron Fist yet -but Colleen seems cool)

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