Friday, 22 September 2017

"Headcoat Girls" -Post 47

I really had to be Jen first as I was sent many pics this week by a visitor to the blog many thanks Chris. Jen's kinda special in my mind as when I returned to my hometown after living and working around London  , I ended up worked nights in a male dominated workplace didn't get to see any pretty faces lol bit like that now in reality except for here -this was when I bought first computer about 2001 or 2 ,tried to get back into painting comics around the same time so I'd send her artwork-tried to base character on her -not sure I got the right resemblance , wish I has a copy of that page but it's lost for good- I hope my arts improved since then , but I haven't felt inspired for a while now, I gotta change that.

6 Certainly going to feature Ekaterina in best of 2017 post at end of the year

9 another from

I'm possibly always featuring this guys work should give credit faved on flickr this week so I'd remember to link
Eve b4 my birthday usually drinking on a Friday night at "Hat Club" an event I made up  which is basically a excuse to wear silly hats and get plastered -but I'll be doing that tomorrow instead  -it'll be kind of tinged with sadness as one of my friends can't be there -but he will be in spirit even though he thinks these blogs are bonkers -each to there own I say.... better than blogging about boring shite like Brexit or whatever you grown ups are meant to think about lol

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