Thursday, 5 October 2017

Action Woman-Post 39

A day of binge watching Peg ahead .. bought myself Seasons 1 & 2 of Agent Carter for birthday (have to buy all 4 seasons of S.H.I.E.L.D  once The Punisher ends it's run- need my fix of MCU TV  in recent times ) Peggy reminds me of Stan Lee's Mrs  Joan , I'm sure she was a huge inspiration on many of his characters but the fact Pegs a Brit and knows how to rock a hat reminds me of her  - I'm also reminded of Jo from Fatale especially when she's Howling Commandoing ...although it needs to be stated totally different characters-she is  more villain & heroine-like a true femme fatale  -As for Agent Carter  season 3- ABC  need there  heads examined -we never got show in Blighty although they do show S.H.I.E.LD so this will be first viewing of season 2 for me -still I really think we'll see more of Peg  either on Netflix  , Amazon or possibly Marvel /Disney streaming channel  if that's why Marvel shows are coming to an end on Netflix-so with any luck could see Agent Carter for a few years to come.

Sean & Ed what a team.. well worth picking up the collected editions.

Harley Quinn's new look in Batman Telltale series -looks intriguing may give this a shot-so many good games around at the moment -don't know where to start.
Joe Doe (Joker who else) kinda like Killing Joke meets William Dafoe here
 and then there's Injustice 2 - love her but she's a nutjob lol
think this might be a GTAV mod-nice work
Black Carnary & Harley -most awesome :D -why do people play minecraft ?lol  those are terrific graphics.

Ok minds made up this will be next game I buy -gonna have mashed fingers if its like the last game in that title.

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