Monday, 12 February 2018

"Action Woman"-Post 42

I guess I  feature Georgia Annable as much as Carla Monaco over the last couple of years she also stars in a few indie flicks and fan films , so a good theme for today's post... the still above I think is from "Essex Heist"

Currently starring in  Rueful Warrior about a  alien soldier Yalalia played by  Michelle Farenheim

Really good idea for crowd funding pitch
A clip of Georgia as Catwoman -I'm looking forward to "Call of the Force" Star Wars fan flick hope that comes out eventually -I think she's also starring in "Web of Spideman" she'd  make a good Black Cat Also stars in Hellriser -not sure she stays alive very long though
As Maddie another short  film in the works.
 Short one this time around but plenty of clips.

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