Saturday, 31 March 2018

"Action Woman "-Post 42

Possibly you're wondering where latest background image comes from -such a lovely back patch design -says it all really  but it comes from another obsession of mine Fallout 4 - I dig the Cats the most - they even talk like proper 50's greasers - but what I like about them the most is the fact they aren't like the main factions in the game they're good folk who help out settlers  rather than aggressors like every body else in game  - I only wish they're was another  ending to game  The Atom Cat Option - Zeke talks my language
Not sure whats going down with Roxies's gob in this scene lol I like the randomness although may even go back to start again with these vids try and try direct them better (since finding cheats and mods making vids can be more thought out) But here's a few more Atom Cat cosplays
"Beacons of Cool in a Uncool World" to Quote Zeke -sounds like too much like today still...You can get this effect if you use a separate Bomber over  a Atom Cat Jacket (although  there's  bit of clipping)
Onto the other Greasers of the Fallout universe The Tunnel Snakes

Really clever idea this one -the future punk look? . Tunnel Snakes Rule? I dunno so far only did a little bit of Fallout 3 -so they strike me as cowardly bullies Cats are a different breed  altogether mind you I do like there graffiti- again like last video  violent -but that's were guns belong rather than in reality-along with giant Cockroaches and Zombies.One of the good things to come out of Creation Club along with the Dogs you can adopt -The Tunnel Snakes quest.. more quests please.
Lastly my fave roving reporter in the Commonwealth Piper Wright
Complete with "Thirst Zapper"-games a few years old now but I still love it - hope Fallout 5 will happen or something like New Vegas - maybe Starfield if such a thing exists will be a bit like Fallout in space-much to look forward to computer game wise.

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