Monday, 21 May 2018

"Action Woman"-Post 44

I hope that isn't Wookie fur ? reminds me of Rachelle in Blade Runner - yeah  I  know it's another Star Wars post and  I  already have "Galactic Beauty" on the other blog  but it's Han Solo week  and colouring a Star Wars story all week so kinda of immersed in that galaxy at the moment it'll be a while before next GB -

 Two Interviews alongside Gangster #1 hope he's good at been bad Jabba's a hard act to follow  A few Q'ira Cosplays already

Onto Val..hope that scarf  isn't made out of Wampa.

 Like Q'ira 's gear Vals outfit is also up for sale
I wonder what Val an Beckett were up to during The Clone Wars? They're bound to have a interesting backstory
Han's bound to fast talk his way out of this one otherwise it'll be a very short film .

I can imagine L3 will be one of my fave characters in the new movie "a self made droid" -in a good way unlike IG88 who goes to extremes -prefer her brand of droid liberation -that's also bound to wind up those people who use lazy terms such as SJW and Mary Sue -seems very dumb to me ..trollsvile shouldn't equal clicksvile there really should be a Lando movie be cool to see him hook with Lobot and Cloud City.

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