Wednesday, 2 May 2018

"She Lives in a Time of Her Own"-Post 18

 Thought I'd bring back  this post for 1st blogs 10th birthday -I need to do some looking back tomorrow-although  I'm always looking ahead to yesterday lol .
Many thanks to C.Q for these (classic album by The Outsiders too) starting of with Gene Tierney from 62 so a year before Cathy Gale

 Here's a film I have to investigate "Ten Little Indians "   Shirley Eaton( from Goldfinger )  a contemporary take of Agatha Christie's "And then there were  None" original title is too offensive to write here  30's people ?The latest BBC versions very good watched that the other week .Although Shirley's got the style here.
Some Classic Cinematic  Cowgirls

 Audrey Totter  -starring in "Woman they Almost Lynched"-You just can't beat a good ol 'western bar fight lol
Evelyn Keyes possibly promo shot for The Desparadoes

Bit fuzzy here but cool cowgirl Chaps  Queen of the B's Marie Windsor- ahhh to hell with it lets make this a matinee-hopefully viewable in your country -
Beverly Tyler in The Cimmaron Kid -
Felicia  Farr - in The Last Wagon -also starring Richard Widmark  one of my fave actors

Nadja Tiller starring in "On Friday at Eleven" wish there was a clip of this sounds fascinating.
 Meg Myles ..."Satan in High Heels"  I did see this  film along with Jess Franco Russ Myers, tonnes of  Culty movies  back when Ch4 did  some interesting documentaries and show these movies in the 90's  .. Real satan's wage war -I think she was just  ahead of her time 

Judi Meridith-totally rockin' here .. Judi is a Punk Rocker
Just found this image  very cool.
Reminds me of Last Exit to Brooklyn this image.. Martha Hyer  -best cheekbones ever -taken around the time The  Girl From Tamiko
I'm tired and a bit pasted I'll come back to the awesome pics C.Q  sent me   in a week or two  but a nice history lesson a good wayto kickoff Leather Beauty's tenth birthday:)

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