Wednesday, 19 September 2018

"Action Woman"-Post 46

Brie Larson as the good Captain- kind of predicted this movie a few years back -not sure we'll get the classic black yellow and red costume which is super-boots city - but who knows? - The Big News yesterday  was the new Captain Marvel trailer -my Birthday on Sunday- I wouldn't mind a de-ager like Samuel L has here lol

Looks like Early 90's which seems like 5 minutes ago-got a Airwolf /Top Gun vibe which is very much the world Carol Danvers inhabits
Currently Spider-Man disc is trapped in my PS4  -here's MJ -Laura Bailey provides voice

Also great to see Yuri Watanabe  too  who may or may not be taking the Spider-Cop concept to a new level in DLC or sequel

Yuri's voice -Tara Platt- I'll try and do a big Black Cat post once the DLC  drops in October but  here's trailer -

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